Monday, September 19, 2011

Circle Skirt Sew Along Progress

So, today I finally got started on my circle skirt for Casey's Circle Skirt Sew Along. I had another project I had to finish up first. Today I drafted my pattern, which was easier than I thought it would be, and cut out my fabric. I was really excited to do this sew along because, while it is a pretty simple pattern, it was the first pattern I would be drafting myself.

 I am super excited to finish this skirt. I got just the kind of fabric I wanted - a novelty print, and it's notical, which I love! The background is navy though it looks a little black in this picture.

Are any of you participating in this sew along? How far along are you?


  1. I'm doing this sew along, and I do have my fabric cut out. Have you decided what type of zipper you're going to use? I've decided on the lapped zipper. I just hope it works; I've never done a zip before.

  2. I decided to do an invisible zipper. They're super easy and they are hidden right in the seam. :)