Monday, June 4, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame...

This Saturday my family and I went to a San Francisco Giants game (I am a huge fan) and it was "Turn Back the Century" day. Both teams (the Giants and the Chicago Cubs) were wearing throwback uniforms from 100 years ago. It was so cool to be rooting for the New York Giants (as we didn't move to San Francisco until 1958) and seeing them in their white and navy uniforms instead of the orange and black.

The jumbotron was all in flickering black and white. In between innings, they showed old photographs and hundred year old advertisments while a man with a megaphone gave announcements and adverts of the day that still hold true today - like an add for AT&T (or as he called it: American Telephone & Telegraph). It was great.

 Talking about Houdini's latest escape.

Even the grounds crew was dressed for the occassion! :)

A great day. Barbershop quartets, trumpet players, 5 cent peanuts - seriously! They were 5 cents! A great day at the yard. And we won. 

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