Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vintage-y cell phone cover! :)

So, I recently got an iphone aaaannnnnd I love it. But because I am pretty broke, I couldn't afford the super cute cover I wanted so I decided to buy a super cheap one and decoupage it. :) I went to Save Mart grocery store and found an iphone cover for 3 bucks so I snatched it up and decoupaged it and here is what it now looks like:

I've got screen shots from favorite movies of mine as well as Betty Grable just because I love this picture. I just printed these pictures off of google. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I definitely couldn't buy one like this.

Have any of you decoupaged a cell phone cover?


  1. That's a really cute idea; I've got an iPod touch for school, but the cover is plain black. Maybe some decoupage is in order!

  2. Ya and it's super easy! I started by decoupaging a tissue paper base and then added the images from there. And I messed up the first time (I kept going with it when I really should have stopped) and so I just soaked it in hot water and it peeled right off. Let me know if you do it. I wanna see! :)

  3. Definitely! I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I DID make little iPod touch "kimonos" for me and my friends, using asian-inspired quilting fabric. I used a really easy pattern from "Sew What: Bags" and I made a batch of eight at once! I highly recommend a cute bag to store your iPod in when not in use!

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