Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Epic Hair Fail

So, today I decided to try another 'do from the Vintage Hairstyling book. It didn't really turn out. Here's my hair in pincurls:

My arms were shaking by the time I was half way done from them being up over my head for so long while pin curling. It looks very messy in the back but I have a lot of hair and it was only like my second time doing pin curls! haha. I had heard that if I allow my hair to dry partially and then put it in pin curls, it will dry faster and not take so long (cause I have super thick hair) so I tried that and... it failed. I ended up having to curl pieces with a curling iron and I took it out when it was still a little wet even though I let it dry for like 3 hours.

Here's what I was going for (it's called "Silent Film Star" so it's a 1920s inspired hairstyle):

And here's what I got:

The whole ridge around the top layer of curls - ya, that didn't happen. I've decided to start growing my hair out so once it's a little longer and my layers aren't so short, I'll attempt this again... maybe. :)

Any suggestions on pin curls? Have you guys tried any styles similar to this? How did it go?


  1. It looks cute though! It looks like they're not tight enough, did you use a strong setting lotion? xx

  2. Thank you - it grew on me as the day went on. No I didn't use a setting lotion, I'm not really sure what to use... plus funds are low so I just used mousse and pommade a bit. The pin curls were definately not tight enough. I think I'm gonna wait til my hair gets a little longer to try pin curls again. :)

  3. I use 'Lottabody' setting lotion, it's super cheap at £1.69 and you have to dilute that. I'm sure you can get it in the states too.

  4. 2011...well. you've probably figured it out already, but that ridge is the beginning of a finger wave. You get that very ridged line from those toothy wave clips, like this:
    But you can finger wave with regular metal hair clips,too. All these late 20's-early 30's hairstyles start with a finger wave, they're only pincurled on the bottom, if the length warrants that (very short 20's bobs don't, but you could rock this). Looks like you got some bad instructions. Try it this way: