Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I made a fascinator

So, I watched a few tutorials on Thursday about how to make a little fascinator for your hair. So, as it was a rainy day, I went home and dug out our craft bin with all the leftover stuff from years and years of crafting, and then I made myself a fascinator clip/ feather hair accessory thing. So without further ado, here is my picture tutorial. :)
my kitchen table with the crafty-bits spread :) (my mother would have a fit if she saw this)
Things you'll need:
fabric or something to use for a base
decorative button, charm, or whatever you want to use :)
hot glue gun
a hair clip
waxed paper

Start with a circular shape with a flat bottom - I used some leftover fabric from a skirt I made a while ago

Start hot gluing your feathers onto your fabric base. Put the larger ones in the back and smaller ones on the front. Just put a strip of glue down the center of the feather. Let the quill of the feather hang off the edge of the fabric base. 

When you're done gluing on the feathers, cut the quills off straight across the bottom.

I made a straight bow by bringing the ends of a ribbon in towards the center and tacking it.

Glue the bow on the bottom of the feathers - straight across.

Then glue a decorative button or charm or whatever you like to the center of the bow where the stitching is.

For the clip, I used one of these - I have a million lying around. I put a piece of waxed paper in the clip so it would come free from the glue easily and not glue the clip together by accident. This worked, but not as well as I had hoped.

Hot glue the clip to the back of the fascinator's fabric base. And you're done!

I wore mine to work the next day. I'm really pleased with the way it came out.

Happy crafting!! :)

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